Astro-Led Sportsman 360 Red Led Flashlight

New Heavy Duty Version. Very rugged!!


Mary M. owner of two Sportsman 360s from Garland, TX Says, "Dear Zengineering,
I have never gone this long NOT leaving feedback for someone. I won't make excuses. Your flashlights are great. We have used them every night we are out looking at the stars, etc. Thank you so much. I have left very positive feedback for you! You deserve it.
Thank you"

Our Astronomy Flashlights use Red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

...Battery life can be 10 times longer than an incandescent flashlight.

...a LED can last 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

...A LED has a tighter, more intense beam than an incandescent bulb.

...A LED can withstand a ton of abuse and continue to shine.

Remember, when observing...there's nothing worse than when someone shines a white beam flashlight. It ruins your dark adaptation for at least 20 minutes. Astro-Led astronomers flashlights are the perfect solution. They clip to your hat, your coat, your pocket, your clipboard, your starchart, your telescope, the door of your tent...and on and on...the possibilities are endless! In fact many of our customers have purchased our Astro-Led Sportsman 360 to use for purposes other than astronomy. Apparently, the Sportsman 360 is the perfect flashlight to use when's no surprise. The Astro-Led Sportsman 360 is an indispensable tool for all types of practical purposes.

Every Astronomer needs a quality astronomy flashlight (I know I can't go a night of observing without mine). Why settle for anything less...get the best. Don't settle for "bulb technology". You deserve the latest in lighting technology. The longest lasting, most economical product available. Now you can get it all. Including that renowned Zengineering quality. Our Led Lights are simply the best in the industry.

!!Preserve our dark adapted eyes!!

Don't be the guy that blinds everyone at your next star party. Now you can find your way around, read your star charts and use all of your
accessories with ease, while retaining everyone's dark adaptation!!

The LEDs we use are very high output, and long lasting. As a result, a set of fresh batteries will produce a fairly bright light. After a week or two of use, the brightness will decrease slightly. It is not uncommon for one set of batteries to last a year or more with regular use.

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Astro-Led Sportsman 360 New Heavy Duty Version - Full 360 rotation on contact points. Compact weather resistant housing. Extremely rugged, and reliable with wider beam distribution.  Sturdy belt clip on the back.  (2 AA Batteries Included)

Height 4.25" x Width 1.50" x Depth 1.75"

Color Yellow/Black

$25.00ea. (US) + $7.00 S+H

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Special Notes

30 day money back guarantee, we'll refund the purchase price if not satisfied. Shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable.

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