The same isolation technology built-in to the POWER BRICK™ is available as a stand alone product. Designed to Isolate the ground of a specific device to prevent ground loops and RF Interference. In most cases you would connect a 12v camera and/or monitor to the output of this device. The resulting visible output on your monitor/screen will be clean and stable.
Features: 9-18v 2.1mm DC Female Input (Flexible 9-18v input voltage) Full Ground Isolation (For devices connected to the outputs) Rated @1.25A (12v) or 3A (5v) Max Load (Can safely run 2 devices*)
RF Interference is everywhere, whether out in the field or in an observatory, if all devices are sharing the same ground, it is not uncommon to see wavy lines and other noisy artifacts produced by each device. For example, telescope mounts can generate noise (ripple) when slewing, or during tracking and guiding. Noise/RF can manifest as visible artifacts seen on monitors, and capture devices. There are a couple logical ways to handle it:
1) The ISOLATOR™- Works with any 9-18v input source! Get your screen clean!!  
2) Power 12v Cameras from a different source than mounts and monitors.
In an AC environment this is easier since we may have several circuits to choose from. But out in the field or in a DC environment, options have traditionally been more limited. Using two batteries in the field allows you to isolate cameras, but two batteries increases the cost and weight of your travel gear. Not to mention that neither batteries nor general AC power provide a regulated output, like the ISOLATOR™.
* The ISOLATOR’S™ Regulated 12v Output @ 1.25A  x2 RCA Connectors can cleanly and effectively power two cameras simultaneously. Example: Mallincam’s MCHP (<300ma) and MICRO-EX (<110ma)
Use the stand alone ISOLATOR™ with your existing gear to eliminate visible on-screen crap. The Isolation technology built into the POWER BRICK™ and the ISOLATOR™ allow regulated, stable power in complete isolation. The Isolator can be used with any other power system or solution, as long as the input voltage is within 9-18v.
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ system provides a technology standard that is consistent and reliable when used within its rated capacity, in concert with a Standard 12V Marine Deep Cycle Battery. However your own personal setup may not match the POWER BRICK™ system. Because of this, the stand-alone ISOLATOR™ is rated to work as advertised when utilized with a standard 12v power system (like a Marine Battery). The ISOLATOR™ is well protected at the input and provides a very flexible input voltage of 9-18V. The ISOLATOR™ is warranted for a period of 90 Days when used within it’s rated capacity.
Do not connect cooling fans to the outputs of the ISOLATOR™!
Disclaimer: Some forms of noise are not based on general RF or ground loops and exist due to problems or inconsistencies within gear. Neither the POWER BRICK™, the ISOLATOR™, nor Zengineering is responsible if you happen to have one of these extremely unique situations. With that said, rest assured in testing the Isolation technology built into the POWER BRICK™ and the ISOLATOR™ removed all forms of visible on screen crap 100% of the time. If The ISOLATOR™ somehow doesn’t work for you, I will refund the purchase price within 30 days, less the shipping fee.
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ISOLATOR Stand-Alone Noise Removal System by Zengineering
Available in 12v @1.25A or 5v @3A Output
Available in two styles: 12v Regulated Output @ 1.25A (Shared among 2 RCA outs) Or 5V Regulated Output @ 3A (Shared among 2 RCA outs)