POWER BRICK by Zengineering
Required Laptop/DSLR Voltage
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With adjustable “switched and fused” laptop power, two fully Regulated and Isolated ports for powering a monitor or two 12v cameras, two switched ports for DSLR cameras at 8v, real-time voltage monitoring, multiple switched 12v outputs, and full reverse polarity protection, Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is an astronomer’s most valued tool. It is designed to work in conjunction with a 12v Marine Deep-Cycle Battery for optimum performance (+/- 100Ah). It will also work with any 12v battery. Connect your battery to the “12v In” RCA port on the POWER BRICK™ and it then offers the convenience of providing multiple critical power “switching” options for all your devices in a live situation.
Features:  12v RCA IN (Connect battery here without fear. POWER BRICK™ has full Reverse Polarity Protection) Total of NINE 12v Outs + Two 8v DSLR Outs + Fully Adjustable Laptop Power System (Switched & Fused) 1x “Switched” 12v Isolated & Regulated output 1.25A (shared among two RCA jacks) 1x “Switched” Adjustable “Step Down” Outputs x2 RCA @ 3A (Set @ 8v for DSLR Cameras) 1x “Switched” 12v out 6A, with 2 RCA outputs 1x “Switched” 12v out 6A, with 3 RCA outputs (Best for Dew Heaters, Focusers, etc.) 1x “Switched” Laptop Power Output (Factory set to 19.5v, user adjustable 12-36v) Laptop circuit is protected with externally accessible 6A GMA Fuse 1x Cigarette Style 12v Out (Direct to battery) [Use with our “Cigarette Multi Port Adapter”] 1x 12v RCA Out (Direct to battery) 1x Battery Voltage Meter for Real-Time Voltage Monitoring 3-30v (Red Digital Display) Full Reverse Polarity Protection on the 12v Input (Connect your battery without fear!!) Rugged, Stylish, Compact, Solid, Aluminum Housing Rubber Feet (POWER BRICK™ Stays where you put it!) Rated @ 15A Continuous Load with equivalent 100Ah Marine Deep Cycle Battery Max Current Rating 15A* (Per POWER BRICK™ & Battery) Chassis Approx. 2.25”H x 4.75”W x 3.75”D
In the above real-world test scenario a 115Ah Walmart Marine battery is connected to the POWER BRICK™ using the optional “10ft. 14ga RCA to Battery Terminal Clip” cable.
ACER laptop (19v @ 4.6A) USB Mouse (5v @ 200ma) (Isolated) Mallincam MCHP (12v @ 1-2A) (Isolated) Mallincam Micro-EX (12v @ 1-2A) Meade DSI II via USB (5v @ 500ma)
Orion Sirius EQ-G Mount (12v 2-4A) (Aligned and Tracking) LCD Display (12v @ 1.5A) LCD Display (9v @ 1.5A) 8” Dew Heater Strip (12v @ 1A)
The POWER BRICK™ is then providing power to the following:
In the above scenario the total combined current (Amps) load is between 10-15A. At 59F the 115Ah battery worked perfectly for more than 16hrs, still pushing 11v. It likely would have gone several hours more except that I simply shut everything off, test successful. Subsequent testing outside at temps varying from 65F to 27F has produced expectedly similar results. At the 16 Hour point of the most recent day and overnight outdoor test, the battery voltage from a fresh charge was 10.8v, due to significantly colder temps.  
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ contains an efficient “Step-Up” voltage converter that doesn’t simply charge a laptop’s battery, but in fact fully powers the laptop, and the USB devices attached to that laptop, with ease. By default the “Step-Up” voltage is configured @ 19.5v since it is the most common laptop voltage. However, for those that require a different laptop voltage, it is fully user adjustable by turning a small screw inside the unit. Since the built-in “Step-Up” converter is providing laptop power only, it is much smaller and more efficient than a stand alone AC power inverter. Also, unlike most 12v auto power inverters, the POWER BRICK™ is completely silent. As an added benefit the POWER BRICK™ generates a small amount of heat when a laptop is being powered. By design, the chassis acts as a heat sink. In practice it is just enough heat to keep the unit free of all but the most serious dew formation. Additionally, the POWER BRICK™ supports devices Like DSLR Cameras that require a lower non-standard voltage. The “Step-Down” power section is set at 8v to support the majority of DSLR cameras, but is adjustable from 3v to 11v.
In practice when you connect a battery to the POWER BRICK™, the On-board Voltage Meter will display the current output voltage of the battery (Usually around 13v). As you add devices (Load) you will see the voltage drop and then settle down. The amount of drop depends on the load. In the above scenario, when everything was turned on, the voltage settled at 11.6v, then fluctuated over a 16hr period down to 11v. As a general rule I will disconnect a battery before it discharges beyond around 9.7v.
Note: Some high power devices, including LCD and CRT monitors, may require a second POWER BRICK™, and second battery to safely handle the constant high current loads. I do not recommend putting combined loads higher than 15A on the POWER BRICK™.
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is a hand-made precision device. Orders are constructed and shipped in the order they are received. Shipping will be 4-5 Weeks from time of order. Shipping is via USPS Parcel or Priority mail as well as USPS international post.
*User is responsible for NOT overloading the POWER BRICK™, or their own battery. Add up the Amp load of your devices, keep the load under 15A and the POWER BRICK™ will last for years to come. Need additional power? A second POWER BRICK™ and Battery is the answer.
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is a compact 12v DC power distribution system for folks that need to efficiently manage all their power hungry devices out in the field, or within their homes and observatories. The POWER BRICK™ has your next observing session covered. It offers everything you need to power all your gear including those devices with radically different power requirements. The POWER BRICK then takes it a step further and includes built-in ISOLATED outputs to help eliminate noise and interference!
NOTE: RF noise is everywhere and a good way to battle it is to isolate the grounds of certain devices. Specifically, most visible artifacts can be killed by isolating cameras and/or monitors from a common ground. We provide this technology built in to the POWER BRICK™, but it is also available as a stand alone device called the ISOLATOR™, designed to clean up the signal chain of your own gear. Also, using the ISOLATOR™ in conjunction with the POWER BRICK™ provides an additional set of isolated outputs to cover most any noisy situation. The Isolator is also available in a 5v output format for capture devices and video upscalers.
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is equiped with complete Reverse Polarity Protection at the input. This eliminates any concern about accidentally reversing the connections (polarity) on your battery after consuming a few too many cocktails.

Click here to see our new ISOLATOR™ which isolates any user specified device from

everything else. This technique can be used to eliminate visible on-screen interference.

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Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under “RATED USE” for a period of 90 Days. The POWER BRICK™ has a 30 Day Return Policy with a 15% restocking fee. Not to exceed 15A load. Purchaser is wholly responsible for any damage due to improper use and/or overloading of the POWER BRICK™. Read the User Manual.
The same isolation technology used in the POWER BRICK™ is also available in our new stand alone  “ISOLATOR™”, which helps to eliminate noise and interference in your existing gear. 
The POWER BRICK™ has been designed to work with a standard “Universal” power cable. That cable is an RCA to 2.1mm Male DC. Used in combination with assorted tips, you are able to power all your devices. We offer all the cabling and accessories necessary to utilize the POWER BRICK™ to its full potential.
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