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Greek Mythology: Jupiter is the supreme god, patron of the Roman state and brother and husband of Juno. Jupiter is also called Jove.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. It is the largest planet in the solar system and revolves around the sun in about 11.86 years at a distance of 777 million kilometers (483 million miles).

Jupiter has a diameter of approximately 138,000 kilometers (86,000 miles), and a mass approximately 318 times that of the Earth.

The word Jupiter is derived from the Latin Iúpiter.

Jupiter Sac7a, 12" LX200GPS, 304 stacked AVI frames (20 Sec)...Processed in Registax.  03/31/03

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Animated Gif of the orbits of Jupiter's Moons (view from the Sun). I created it using Starry Night w/Quicktime 3.0 and  the Microsoft Gif Animator.

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Jupiter and it's moons... Single 1 second exposure...ETX90 on homemade Hybrid DS/Autostar Portable Pier, SAC7 air cooled, F/6.9 focal reducer. 1-30-03

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View the current position of Jupiter's Moons.

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Hand tracked videos of Jupiter

Sony Digital8 Camcorder and our 20" F/5 Obsession w/22mm TV Panoptic & 2.5x TV Barlow. Oct 14th, 2002

To view videos on this site, you'll need the DivX5 codec.

Click a video to see a larger view


Click the above picture to hear the commentary.


WOW!!!,,,pretty impressive when you consider I'm hand tracking!!

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Still Images

Sony Digital8 Camcorder and our 20" F/5 Obsession w/22mm TV Panoptic & 2.5x TV Barlow. Oct 14th, 2002

Click Thumbnails for larger image.

I like these shots...

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Sac7 On ETX90/Hybrid

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Another picture of Jupiter taken with our Sony Digital8 Camcorder and our 20" Obsession w/35mm Panoptic. Notice the two Jovian satellites at lower center. Feb, 2002

The first picture of Jupiter I ever took (1998)...not too shabby...

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 More to come...

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