Wow...what can i say, it's been a crazy couple years, new house, new observatory, new scopes, new life lessons. I'm very happy to say that'm officially back!! Lots of new content coming soon, including lots of great images...stay tuned!!     Visit the News Archive

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Welcome to Interstellar Medium! 

Hi...I'm Alex (aka: Parallax),  I created Interstellar Medium to provide an Astronomical/General Science resource for people that share a similar interest. It is my goal to provide a place for myself and other amateur astronomers and astrophotographers.


Below you will find a few images and highlights from this site...please use the Link Bar at the top of this page to navigate.

Take a tour of the Solar System   Updated with our own pictures!!

The Sun and Inner Planets

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Sun  Mercury  Venus  Earth  Moon  Mars

The Outer Planets

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Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus  Neptune  Pluto

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Check out the current local Astronomical Forecast


Get a "Clear Sky Clock" for your part of the world here:

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Alternate Local Weather Forcast


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Free Online JAVA Planetarium Software (it runs in your browser) Very Cool!!

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JPL Solar System Simulator

...Very useful for discerning the actual features of objects you're observing.

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Check out the current position of Jupiter's Moons, and go outside with your Telescope or Binoculars to compare them.

The current phase of the Moon.

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