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The Moon

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Greek Mythology: Diana, known as Artemis in Greek myth, was the goddess of the Moon and of the hunt. Her purity was such that no man was permitted to watch her bathe, which she often did during the Full Moon. Several stories speak of the consequences visited upon men who unexpectedly come upon her during one of these midnight swims.  This connection between women and Moon phases, or certain times of the month, appears over and over again in Moon mythologies.

The Moon is a satellite of the Earth. It's distance from the Earth varies because of its elliptical orbit: At perigee, (that time when the moon is nearest the earth), the distance is about 227,000 mi (365,000 km); at apogee, (when it is farthest from the earth), the distance is about 254,000 mi (409,000 km). The average distance is about 240,000 mi (385,000 km), or about 60 times the radius of the earth itself.

The Moon revolves around the Earth with a period of  27 days, 7 hr, 43 min.

The Moon is about 27% the diameter of the Earth, or 2,140 miles (3,476 km).

The gravitational influence of the Moon is mainly responsible for the tides in our Earth's oceans.  Twice daily, the sea will rise and fall.  These ocean tides are caused by water flowing towards the two points on the Earth's surface that are directly beneath the Moon.


Total Lunar Eclipse, 10/28-04

A rare Sac8 image


A montage I created of the most recent Lunar Eclipse. 11/08/03

Prior to the eclipse. 11/08/03

Almost at totality. 11/08/03

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Mosaic of the Moon

Taken w/SAC7 & our ETX90RA w/custom DS Mount

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Moon_Mosaic_12-18-02_copy4.jpg (186694 bytes)

12-18-02 f/7

Moon_Mosaic_Master_Final_31_inches_copy700pixels.jpg (223971 bytes)

11-20-02 f/13.8

SAC7 ETX90RA Moon Mosaic 9-18-02.jpg (99226 bytes)

9-13-02 f/13.8

Cresent Moon  Mosaic 03-08-03 ETX90 DS Hybrid SAC7a.jpg (79260 bytes)


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The current phase of the Moon.

Position of the Moon in orbit (left) and its corresponding phase (right)
(The Sun is initially in the upper-left direction)

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Moon surface close-ups


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Taken w/SAC7 & our 8" F7 Dob/Newt September, 2002

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   Mare-humorum.jpg (7036 bytes)   Mercurious.jpg (6049 bytes)

Endymion / Mare Humorum / Mercurious

Messala.jpg (5969 bytes)   Plato-&-alps.jpg (7523 bytes)   Jura-mountains-&-sharp.jpg (6101 bytes)   Straight-Range.jpg (6782 bytes)

Messala / Plato & Alps / Jura Mountains / Straight Range

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Moon surface close-up videos

To view videos on this site, you'll need the DivX5 codec.

Click a picture to see a larger view.


Taken w/SAC7 & our 8" F7 Dob/Newt September 30, 2002

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Moon Pictures

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May 19th, 2002 w/Sony Digital8 Camcorder.


May 21st, 2002 w/Sony Digital8 Camcorder.

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Pictures of the Moon I took back in 2000.

A nice close up of a crater on the Moon. Early 2000.

An interesting close up of a towering spire (casting the long shadow) on the Moon. Early 2000.

A picture of the Moon, taken with our DLink DSC-350 digital camera, looking through our 8" F/7 Dob/Newt. Early 2000.

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