Cable Products for Mallincam Cameras
See some of my Mallincam Images Below...
Flexible/Expandable Cable Sheathing Available bundled with your new Cable System, or as a standalone Kit!!
AIO v2 cables include S-Video
AIO v1 cables do not include S-Video
AIO v1 and v2 cables can be ordered with countless options depending on your needs.
AIO v2 Standard Connections: 1) BNC/Composite Video 2) S-Video (w/Baluns) 3) Mallincam Control (Red/Green) 4) 12v Mallincam Power
AIO v1 Standard Connections: 1) BNC/Composite Video 2) Mallincam Control (Red/Green) 3) 12v Mallincam Power 4) With or without Mount Control
Above you can see a standard 25’ AIO v2 cable...A single cable solution providing BNC/Composite, S-Video, 12v Power & Control Signals from your Mallincam to your PC/Monitor/MAC.